Nagpur, the former capital of the Central Provinces, is one of the older towns of central India. Today, although an important commercial centre attracting new business and multinationals, most of the industrial units are thankfully located on the outskirts so Nagpur retains a pleasant relaxed feel with friendly inhabitants ad signs of fast growing affluence. Sometimes known as the winter capital of Maharashtra, the area is famous for its oranges, giving it the nickname" The Orange City'. More recently strawberry farms have grown in importance while the surrounding countryside is a major cotton producing area.

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Nagpur lies precisely at the center of the country with the Zero Mile Marker indicating the geographical center of India.




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Nagpur has wide hotels from luxury to budget.

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Tandoori dishes, Mughalai biryanis or oriented cuisines, the orange city is vast spread on the platter.

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Known as the orange city famous, Nagpur has more to offer on the shopping spur. The cotton sarees, fabrics, branded products to wide shopping malls.
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Saoji cuisine

The Vidarbha region has its own distinctive cuisine known as the Varhadi cuisine or Saoji Cuisine. Saoji food or also known as Saoji Varhadi, is the traditional food and is famous for its spicy taste. Sage cuisine is known from the Savji community. Majority of the Savji people are non-vegetarian and hence preparation of a variety of meat dishes are very common. Goat meat, chicken and fish forms major component of Savji cuisine along with other vegetarian dishes. Some of the most common recipes include edmi (puris made of wheat flour, gram flour, chilies and other spices), khaimo or kheema (minced goat meat), shakanu chaknu (goat and chicken curry) prepared with special Savji spices

Savji food is served in small family style restaurants called Savji khanavali or "Savji hotel" or bhojanalaya, found in large numbers in Nagpur.